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Plastic Surgery of the Gums

Gums that have become swollen for extended periods of time can remain enlarged permanently.

Gums can also be larger than normal depending on how the teeth erupted into the mouth. This can not only affect the function of teeth and the comfort of eating, but also affect the appearance of the smile.

Plastic surgery of the gums can be used to help reshape the gums and return them to a normal and natural looking appearance. The plastic surgery is planned digitally by using a special digital camera to scan a mould of the teeth and gums into the computer. Calculations are made to determine the ideal contour of the gums, and a guide is manufactured from these calculations which will help to the precision of the procedure and obtain very accurate results.

Gums typically heal very quickly after plastic surgery, and feel normal again within days of the treatment. However, it can take up to 3 months before the gums have settled on their final shape.

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