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Orthodontic Procedures Case Studies

A 'No Braces' Approach to a Beautiful Smile

It is possible to straighten teeth and create a beautiful smile WITHOUT braces. Using clear aligner therapy, it is possible to align the teeth without anyone even knowing.

Retrieving and Saving Impacted Teeth with Braces

Teeth can sometimes fail to erupt into the mouth, getting stuck within the jaw. It is actually possible to save and even retrieve this teeth and bring them back into their proper positions.

Creating Not Just Straight Teeth, but a Beautiful Smile

There is a difference between just straight teeth, and a beautiful smile. These are two smiles which have straight teeth, but they don’t look beautiful.

Straightening Teeth Without Extractions

There is a common misconception that crowded teeth always need extractions. It is often possible to increase the amount of space by ‘expanding’ the arch that the teeth fit in.

Retrieving Impacted Teeth with Orthodontics

Impacted teeth are teeth that are blocked from coming in to the mouth properly, and can cause significant damage to nearby teeth. It is possible to use braces to correct this.

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