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Our Clinic

eDentistry Wantirna

Opened on 24th May 2017 with a vision to provide a unique service to patients, through digital dentistry.

Welcome to eDentistry Wantirna, providing patient-centered, high-tech and high quality dental care.

Located in the heart of Wantirna, eDentistry Wantirna is your place for everything dental, including cosmetic makeovers braces, implants, wisdom teeth, children’s dentistry and much more.

We have a strong emphasis on digital dentistry. Digitisation of dental procedures not only increases the precision and quality of the work, but can also improve the comfort and efficient of the procedure for patients.

We are located on at 271 Stud Rd, Wantirna South, between Knox Shopping Centre and Studfield Shopping Centre.

The Patient Experience

We are focused on the patient experience. When you arrive, our lovely front office staff will greet you, take the time to show you around, answer any questions you might have and even offer you a cup of tea if you are feeling a little parched.

You will then be handed over to the clinical support staff who will take the time to get to know you, and even take into account your past dental experiences to make your appointment with us as memorable as possible.

Our dentists understand that each patient is different, and the decisions for your mouth are made by you. We provided you with the appropriate information and education so you can make the most informed and decision about your own dental health, and we support whatever decision you make.

  • Staff who take the time to get to know you, and understand your situation.
  • True understanding of the different needs of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, and their various needs.
  • Very highly qualified dentists, all with further post-graduate training beyond the basic dental degree.
  • Working together with a team of highly trained dental assistants, receptionists, dental technicians, dental specialists and anaesthetists.
  • QIP accreditation from the Australian Dental Association, complying with all quality and safety standards.
  • Purpose built dental clinic, not just a converted residential property.
  • In-chair entertainment, including television and bluetooth headphones for patient viewing and listening experience.
  • State-of-the-art and innovative dental equipment and materials, ensuring the most effective and efficient provision of care.
  • Understanding of the medical implications of dental health, and collaborating with general medical practitioners, ear/nose/throat specialists, sleep physicians, physiotherapists, etc. to achieve the most comprehensive care.
  • Payment plans available through DentiCare.

Latest Innovations

There has been such an incredible progression in dentistry in the last decade. eDentistry Wantirna is dedicated to keeping up with this progression, as new innovations and developments in clinical techniques are constantly resulting in a greater efficiency for delivery of, and improvement in the quality of dental care.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of “digital dentistry” – when real teeth and gums are scanned and converted into three-dimensional models on a computer. These models can be used together with computer-aided design to help plan and facilitate more predictable outcomes for dental treatment.