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Smile Design

A beautiful smile is not subjective – it is a very precise science.

There are strict parameters to what constitutes a beautiful smile. A smile design can assess these parameters and identify exactly how a smile can be improved.

There is often a misconception that veneers are always the solution to making a smile beautiful, as veneers can help to change the shape, size and colour of teeth. However, a beautiful smile also has the teeth in the correct position (which is addressed with orthodontic procedures) and also the correct gum position (which is addressed with periodontic procedures) – all of which are assessed in a smile design.

A smile design starts with a consultation, to find out exactly what it is about the smile you wish to have improved. A digital scan of the teeth is taken, which is then superimposed on photos of the face and teeth. The parameters of a smile are applied to then come up with a virtual mock-up, which can then be transferred to the mouth to see what the final result would look like before starting any treatment.

A step-by-step plan is then put together, which will produce the most efficient, accurate and precise way to achieve the beautiful smile that was designed in the virtual mock-up.

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