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Worn Teeth

Teeth look shorter than usual, and can have jagged edges, making the teeth look more aged.

Erosion – acid attack can dissolve the surfaces of the teeth. Acid can come from outside sources (like the things we eat/drink), or can come from sources within the body (like gastric reflux or vomiting).

Abrasion – using the teeth to eat abrasive and hard foods can wear the surfaces of the teeth away.

Attrition – grinding habits can strip the surfaces of the teeth as they keep scraping against each other. Grinding can exert up to 80 kilograms of force on teeth!

1) The initial cause of the tooth wear is first identified and managed.

Erosion can be reduced by reducing the intake of acidic foods or taking antacid medications (only as prescribed by the GP). Attrition can be minimised by changing the diet. Abrasion can be decreased by having a protective guard constructed to protect the teeth.

2) After the primary cause has been stopped, the teeth can be reconstructed to their original shape using a strong porcelain material.

Teeth can continue to wear into the nerve, which can kill the tooth and result in infection. If the infects are very severe, the teeth may need to be removed.

The lower face will also look a lot shorter, and the lower jaw will look more protruded because it rotates forward as the jaw becomes too overclosed. This will give a very elderly/aged facial appearance.

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