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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

We Offer Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal In A Comfortable & Relaxed Environment

This usually occurs because there is a lack of space, and the wisdom teeth can get stuck under the teeth in front. This can create an area between the wisdom tooth and the tooth in front where food regularly gets caught, and result in decay in both teeth.

Alternatively, a wisdom tooth that hasn’t fully grown through the gums can have a large flap of gum tissue partially covering the back of the wisdom tooth. This flap of gum is a warm, dark, moist area – perfect for bacteria to grow and cause severe swelling of the flap of gum tissue.

If the wisdom teeth are likely to cause the problems mentioned above, removal of the wisdom teeth can be considered. If it is only a single wisdom tooth needing removal, it is normally performed under local anaesthetic; if there are multiple wisdom teeth, a general anaesthetic is preferred.

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