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Bone Grafting

Dental implants need to be supported by jaw bone.

However, after a tooth is removed, the jaw bone that used to support it starts to resorb away. If it has been a long time since the tooth was removed, the jaw bone may have resorbed away to the point where it can no longer support an implant. Depending on the way the jaw bone has resorbed, it is often still possible to rebuild the jaw bone by adding or ‘grafting’ bone into the area.

Depending on the amount of jaw bone needing to be rebuilt, bone grafts can usually be carried out at the same time as placing the implant.

In more severe cases, the bone graft procedure may need to be performed in a separate procedure first, and it could take another one or two additional bone graft procedures to rebuild enough jaw bone for an implant. This typically takes about 3 months for the graft to heal sufficiently to allow an implant to be placed.

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