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Sinus Lifting for Dental Implants

Placing implants at the back in the upper jaw can often get too close to the sinus, a hollow cavity under our eyes and above our teeth. Implants that get pushed into the sinus can cause infections, but a sinus lift can still allow placement of an implant without getting an infection.

 Before and After Sinus Lifting for Dental Implants

DM had a missing tooth on the top right side and wanted an implant in that area so that he could chew properly again. Planning with digital dentistry found that his sinus had grown in size as a result of the removal of the tooth (as shown by the red dotted line), meaning there was not enough height of jaw bone to support an implant in this area without causing a puncture into the sinus (shown by the transparent overlay of the planned implant site going beyond the red dotted line). As mentioned above, a puncture into the sinus can cause a serious infection with dire consequences.

A sinus lift procedure was performed for DM, which lifted the floor of the sinus and resulted in more bone forming (shown by the green dotted line and the transparent overlay of the implant no longer going beyond the green dotted line). This allowed enough bone height in the jaw to facilitate placement of the implant and subsequent crown on top. DM is now able to chew and eat food on high right side, without having a serious sinus infection as a byproduct!

Disclaimer: Results from Individual treatment will vary according to clinical conditions and each case.

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