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Prosthodontic Procedures Case Studies

The Missing Front Tooth Replacement

Missing a front tooth almost always make people feel extremely self conscious. Dental implants can often create an extremely natural looking replacement for the missing tooth.

Gum Lifting (Crown Lengthening) and Veneers, Crowns and Bridges used in Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving a smile sometimes involves changing the gums as well as the teeth. In this case, it was identified that the gums were causing the appearance of short teeth in the front.

Fixing Heavily Broken down and Discoloured Teeth

There is a belief that heavily broken and discoloured teeth cannot be made to look good again, let alone being indistinguishable from the natural, unbroken and normal coloured teeth.

Implant Overdentures For A Terminal Set Of Teeth

In some situations, all the remaining teeth are in a terminal condition and cannot be replaced. Standard complete dentures are often very unstable and can severely affect the ability to eat and speak, and decrease the quality of life.

Replacing All Teeth With Implants and Fixed Prosthesis (All-On-4)

When all teeth are unrestorable and need extraction, All-On-4 can give you the ability to have a set of fixed teeth (not removable like dentures) in your mouth again, restoring your ability to eat and smile.

Replacing Gaps In Teeth With Dental Implants

Missing teeth can often make people feel very self conscious. Bigger gaps can’t be replaced with dental bridges, and partial dentures/plates do not look very natural. Another option is available: dental implants.

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