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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a fixture (usually made of titanium or ceramic) that it placed into the jaw bone to simulate the root of a tooth.

The exact position of the implant is planned digitally to ensure absolute precision. After the fixture has integrated to the jaw bone, a number of different prostheses can be attached to the top of the fixture. This includes a single crown, a bridge, or even a whole denture.

Dental implants take about 3 months to integrate, meaning that some other temporary prosthesis may need to be made to fill in the gap created by the missing tooth before the final permanent prosthesis is attached. A special digital camera is used to scan a mould of the fixture into the computer, and then the final permanent prosthesis planned digitally before construction to achieve absolute precision.

Dental implants don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support, and as a result are much more friendly to the adjacent teeth. They are also much stronger than all the other tooth replacement options, making chewing and biting much easier. Dental implants also prevent the jaw bone from dissolving away where the natural tooth was removed. They also appear more natural as they are actually embedded in the jaw bone, like natural teeth are.

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