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eDentistry Academy

Evidence-based lectures

eDentistry Academy

Clinically relevant practical skills


eDentistry Academy’s Prosthodontics courses cover in-depth and evidence based lectures and clinically hands on components to aid a restorative dentist in the field of implantology. Spread over three modules, the courses covers single unit restorations, multi-unit restorations and full arch restorations.

What Other People are Saying About The Course

“My journey in implant education started a few years ago. I started taking sincere interest in implants a couple of years ago and ever since have been doing a fair bit of courses and implementation of the knowledge. After attending many courses I realised that I could not see any non brand biased courses dedicated towards implant prosthetics. While going through Facebook a few months back, I stumbled on Dr Alex Loh’s Restorative Implantology course. It was the only course which had 3 separate modules for single, multiple and full mouth implant prosthesis. Not knowing what to expect, I decided against module 1 which was single implant prosthesis. At module 2 & 3, I was blown away at the depth of information, knowledge and hands on Alex shared. He kept his coaching group small, so there was one on one teaching. At no time any brands were mentioned or pushed to. No questions were dumb, silly or went unanswered. The dentists in the group were of different experience levels but Alex made sure that he kept in mind the newbies in the group and altered his teaching pace accordingly. I regretted not doing his module 1 as there was so many tips, tricks, and hands on I learnt in the other modules. I sincerely vouch for this course. Dr Alex and his wife Dr Diana were extremely generous with their time and knowledge. The course started each day sharp at 8:30am, no time was wasted in waiting for anyone, and finished after 5:30pm. Extremely punctual and sticking to schedule. Each module being 3 days longs was power packed.” Dr. Anup Shenai

“I did modules 1 and 2 this year. Alex is very generous with his knowledge, has a genuine interest in and apt for teaching and has approached this topic with a lot of forethought. As a visual learner myself I really appreciated the effort taken to organise actual componentry for us to take apart and work with. Each module had a huge component of practical exercises (about 12) which I found both enjoyable and beneficial to augment the concepts being taught in the lectures. Alex and Diana were very respectful of our time and made a special effort to make sure everyone was well fed throughout the course!” Dr. Steven Ting

“The lectures were very comprehensive and with excellent referencing, covering restoration of implants as well as dealing with complications. The practical components were really well run and the feedback from Dr. Alex was great. The ongoin case support through the group forum has been wonderful. One of the great things about this course was that it didn’t sell a particular brand of implant but gave you the tools to implement what you learned using your pre-existing implant system.” Dr. Jessica Gale

“Really enjoyed this course! Alex has put up a very comprehensive course that can help you, all the way from a beginner to an advanced level. He is very knowledgeable and easy to approach. The hands on component was on point and also helped reinforce the lecture material. Highly recommended!” Dr. Melanie Leung

“One of the most comprehensive courses I have ever attended! And the ongoing support after the course has been amazing! I love the cases shared on the forum! Would highly recommend it!” Dr. Kim Dang

“I attended the course, loved the way Alex teaches everything—with evidence from the literature. You can always go back and read it again if you want. The  notes we received were great. Thanks again Alex.” Dr. Mandeep Kaur

“This course is very clinically relevant and has a lot of hand on exercises that help restoring implants. The lecture material is evidence based and Alex has a list of reference articles for what he teaches in the course. I also like the small group learning that make it more interactive. Highly recommend!” Dr. Anita Lam


eDentistry Academy understands that there is a lack of support in orthodontics for general dentists regarding case support and diagnosis. The orthodontics courses contain lectures to update and supplement orthodontic knowledge, as well as live case diagnosis with various instructors to help plan an orthodontic case properly from the beginning.

What Other People are Saying About The Course

“After having attended orthodontic study group sessions with Dr Alex Loh, I can’t wait to sign up for this orthodontic course by eDentistry Academy. Dr’s Loh, Thumar and Moopen are very experienced and bring their evidence based knowledge to the table and dont hold back in imparting that knowledge to the attendees. Incredible case support and generous in their advice and help. Highly recommend attending one of these sessions!!!” – Dr. Deepa Iyer

“Dr Alex Loh has a wealth of knowledge and a true passion for teaching. Having attended his study groups in the past, I have always valued his evidence based approach to dentistry and his generosity to provide support for clinicians. Very excited for this opportunity to continue learning from him!” – Dr. Reina Yang

“I’ve attended multiple orthodontic study groups run by Dr. Alex Loh. He’s one of only a few people I know that has so much passion for orthodontics. He takes a lot of knowledge and distills it down so it’s easy to understand and clear.  I really can’t wait for his sessions to get going as I wouldn’t want to miss out! Highly recommended” – Dr. Kalyan Voruganti

Evidence-based lectures, clinically relevant practical skills

eDentistry Academy

Evidence-based lectures, clinically relevant practical skills