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Sore Jaw Treatment Wantirna

Pain located around the jaw joint, and can often radiate out to other areas in the head and neck.

Sometimes this can be felt as a migraine, or can even be mistaken for a toothache.

Cause: The pain can originate from the jaw joint itself, the muscles around the jaw joint, or even referred to the jaw from other structures in the head and neck. Correct diagnosis is very important, as there could be many causes of the pain as described below.

Causes for pain directly originating from the jaw joint include: grinding/clenching habits, dislocation of the joint, or degeneration of the joint (like arthritis).

Causes for the pain originating from the muscles around the jaw joint include: grinding/clenching habits or muscle spasms.

Causes for pain referred to the jaw include: whiplash injuries, headaches,

Grinding/clenching habits can benefit from a guard to reduce the pressure on the teeth. Other causes have different solutions – speak to the dentist’s at eDentistry Wantirna to discuss this in more detail.

The problem causing the pain can become more severe. If this includes grinding/clenching, teeth can crack and split under pressure, and repairing the teeth can be a very extensive procedure.

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