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Crooked Teeth

Teeth are crooked.

There can be crowding of teeth, or differences in height and position of teeth one side compared to the other. The upper and lower teeth often don’t bite together properly.

The presence of crooked teeth is almost always related to the way the tongue, lips and cheeks apply pressure to the teeth. If the tongue, lips and cheeks are in the correct position, this will frequently result in straight and aligned teeth.

The correct position is achieved by breathing through the nose whenever possible, having a good swallowing pattern, and positioning the tongue against the roof of the mouth at all times.

Developing good habits with the tongue, lips and cheeks at an early age will help teeth develop into the correct position. This can be achieved using ‘myofunctional trainers‘.

If this is caught too late, the teeth can still be moved into correct positions through the use of braces or clear aligners.

Not only can the teeth be crooked, but the development of the face and jaws can be affected as well.

This can result in an underdeveloped or overdeveloped lower jaw and a very long face.

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