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Gum Disease Treatment Wantirna

Gums bleed when brushed.

This is often an indication that the gums are swollen and the surface of the ‘skin’ is fragile, making it easy to tear, split and bleed when gentle force is applied.

The swollen gums are caused by an accumulation of bacteria and tartar/calculus (a hard build-up of fossilised bacteria) which occurs in the pocket between the gum and tooth.

The bacteria results in not only the gums becoming swollen, but also the bone beneath the gums that support the teeth dissolving away as well.

Using a special cleaning device to remove the build-up of bacteria and debris can return the gums back to a healthy state. Regular maintenance by cleaning the bacteria out periodically can help to maintain this healthy state.

If damage has already occurred to the bone, this can never truly be undone – most of the damage to the bone is permanent.

The progressive dissolving of the bone that supports the tooth will result in the tooth becoming loose, and in worst case scenarios, result in the tooth falling out altogether.

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