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Multi Unit Implant Restorations and Surgical Guides – Module #2 (2024)

Module #2 (2024)

Module 2 Date: Friday, 2nd August to Sunday, 4th August 2024
Cost: $3,600 incl. GST (10% discount if registered 30 days before 2nd August 2024) Enquire About Group Discounts
Discounted Price: $3,240
25% discount if attending ALL 3 MODULES and registered before 15th February 2024.

Module 2 Optional surgical guide add-on: Monday, 5th August 2024 (requires attendance at Module 2 restorative component)
(10% discount if registered 30 days before 5th August 2024)
Cost: $475 incl. GST Enquire About Group Discounts
Discounted Price:

Venue: Sage Ringwood Hotel, 211 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, VIC 3134
Times: 8:30am – 5:30pm
CPD Hours: 24 per module (+8 hours if attending surgical guide add-on)

This is a series of THREE 3-day courses on Restorative Implantology, and an optional 4th day for Modules 2 and 3 on Implant Surgical Guide Design using CoDiagnostiX software. This course contains both didactic and practical components, and the content is strongly evidence-based, aiding the clinical operator to have confidence that their procedures have been validated by research. The three modules cover:
  • Module 1 – Single Unit Implant Restorations (two dates of this module are available)
  • Module 2 – Multi Unit Implant Restorations; and optional single/multi-unit guided surgery component
  • Module 3 – Full Arch Implant Restorations; and optional full arch guided surgery component.

Module 2 covers multi unit fixed AND removable implant supported prostheses, including combined tooth-implant supported prostheses. This includes:

  • Prosthetic implant componentry for removable prostheses;
  • Effect of cantilevers and effect of splinting of structures;
  • Choice of pontics for fixed prostheses;
  • Tilted implants and their effect on bone and prosthetic componentry;
  • Movements of removable attachment systems and their influence on prosthesis design and implant placement;
  • Design and positioning of superstructures (bars) and attachments (straight and angled) for removable prostheses;
  • Use of flanges of removable prostheses for lip support;
  • Indexed vs. non-indexed componentry for multi-unit prostheses;
  • Verification techniques;
  • Occlusion differences between fixed and removable prostheses.

Hands-on exercises (not all are listed):

  1. Correcting angulation using angled body Locator abutments
  2. Fabricating multi-unit fixture level provisional using non-indexed temporary abutments;
  3. Ovate pontic site development;
  4. Fabricating customised impression coping with pontic and taking open tray impression;
  5. Fabricating cement-retained tooth-implant supported provisional
  6. Conversion of an existing partial denture to tooth-implant supported provisional using Locator abutments;
  7. Fractured abutment screw removal techniques;
  8. Critical appraisal, assembling and disassembling of all multi-unit removable and fixed restorative options, including bars and Locators.

Covers single and multi unit implant surgical guide design. This includes:

  • Knowing when guides are NOT accurate;
  • Different guided implant systems available;
  • Facilitating taking high-quality CBCTs for usable implant planning;
  • Core skills using CoDiagnostiX implant planning software;
  • Using the proposed restoration to drive the surgical placement of implants;
  • Understanding correct implant depth, angulation, and position based on restorative plan for single and multi-unit restorations;
  • Critical concepts regarding tooth-supported guide design;
    • Sufficient support to prevent rocking;
    • Methods to verify complete seating of guides;
    • Positioning of guide sleeves;
  • When to add areas of bone support to surgical guides;
  • Lateral wall sinus lift surgical guides.
CoDiagnostiX software is provided for practical exercises during the course
  • Each module $3600 incl. GST (+ $475 incl. GST for guided surgery add-on)
  • Includes lunch and refreshments.
  • 10% early bird discount for each module if paid at least 30 days in advance of each module’s course date.
  • 25% discount if attending all 3 modules and paid before 15th February 2024.
  • This course is compliant with current DBA guidelines on CPD.

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